We’ve had to endure some shocking Dubya-style blunders by Simon Hughes during the India tour, my personal favourite being his explanation as to how many of the grounds are named after local politicians and administrators, before turning to Sunil Gavaskar to ask “who is the chap that this ground is named after, Jawaharlal Nehru?”. Yes, that would be Nehru, first prime minister of India and founder of the non-aligned movement.

Then this morning two more back to back. First, “I was surprised to find that Delhi is actually in the north of the country, almost right up amongst the Arab countries”. Those well-known Arab countries Pakistan, Nepal and Tibet.

And then there was “A large RAF plane flies overhead”.  Again, Sunil rides to the rescue in typically understated form, “I think that might have been an Indian Air Force plane”.  On the basis that India has been independent since 1947.

I’ve noticed that Aggers is considered surplus to requirements as far as overseas one-day matches are concerned.  I’m not sure why that is.  What I do know is that as a summariser and technical analyst, Simon Hughes is actually quite good.  As a commentator, however, he is not merely bad and not just embarrassing.  He could actually endanger relationships with our friends abroad.

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