Tears to the Eyes

Web 2.0 is a powerful thing.  Veet for Men demonstrates what happens when  you fail to manage your brand’s exposure online in a series of lovingly crafted reviews that prove that the next generation of satirical writers are to be found on the ‘net:


Of course, what’s even more remarkable than the story of woe brought by this product to its loyal users, is the fact that the reviews are still on show six months or more after they were posted.  I must admit, I wasn’t able to read more than halfway through the second before, with the theme clearly emergent, the grotesque descriptions became just too much to bear.

For my wife and her friends, the tears in the eyes are ones of laughter.  For myself, it’s empathy.  But for the owners of the Veet brand, they must be caused by panic.  If, that is, they are even aware of what is going on…

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