Unfortunate Subject Matter

Every morning, I open the Mail app on my iPad and browse through the circulars and blog posts that have landed in my mailboxes overnight.  Every week day, I get a digest from the folks at the generally excellent BQ magazine and the title of their email is shortened by the app to read “BQ Breakfast – Insight, news and anal“.

Now, I’m pretty liberal-minded.  I’ll admit it.  But the thought of a dose of hard-core pornography at that time of the morning (or at any time, come to that) is enough to put me off my corn flakes.

It does make me smile every time I see it.  I mean, I know that BQ magazine isn’t offering me a diet of dodgy materials.  I laugh partly because it’s funny and partly because you’d think they’d have checked these things or that perhaps somebody would have noticed.  Eventually.

Room 501, the publishers of BQ, were clients of ours before they were acquired by BE Group.  Bryan Hoare, one of the directors of Room 501, was a colleague of mine at BHP.  Nonetheless, every morning I consider the same quandary.  Should I tell him?  Or should I just keep laughing…?


If I haven’t put you off, you can sign up for a morning helping of insight, news and anal here: http://www.bq-magazine.co.uk